Custom CAD/CAM generated dental zirconia products designed and milled by "lab guys" for "lab guys."

With thirty years experience in dental laboratory technology, and a combined nineteen years experience in CAD/CAM technology, we have a demonstrably firm foundation which has enabled us to successfully utilize advanced CAD/CAM technology in support of dental laboratory operations, and we can do the same for you!

Expert designed and precision milled zirconia copings, crowns and bridges.


We design, mill, hand finish, and sinter zirconia copings, bridge frameworks, and full contour zirconia crowns with our 3Shape Optical Scanner and design software, our Dental Mill IV 4 axis NC Milling Machine with DelCam NC programming software, and Nabertherm High-Temperature Sintering Furnace. We currently utilize Crystal Zirconia, which has several formulations based on strength, translucency, and machinability requirements, all FDA registered materials.

Our Services

We utilize both contact scanner technology (Nobel Biocare Procera Forte), as well as optical scanner technology (3Sahpe 710) to generate the electronic data files associated with our digital dental lab CAD/CAM fabrication processes.

We can scan and design from your trimmed dies, or mill directly from your STL files. And if you want to design your own bridge framework in wax, we can scan it and mill it out of zirconia.


We can also design and mill wax resin copings and framworks for investing and casting. We have found our own milled wax patterns to have seriously excellent fit and marginal integrity. And because we're local, you get FAST turnaround, and you don't have to worry about shipping!

"Finally Satisfied!"


As a dental lab owner, I was never quite satisfied with the quality of the zirconia copings we received from outsource suppliers. They were good, and they fit, and they worked, but I was never quite happy with the marginal profile. I found them to be somewhat bulky. When we upgraded from a contact scanner to an optical scanner, and began milling our own zirconia, I was able to fine tune our fabrication and finishing process to significantly improve the margins.


Our original objective was not to become an outsource supplier, but to support our own lab operations. And we have found that too many "milling centers" are just that - start-up shops with a computer, scanner and milling machine with no knowledge of dental laboratory fabrication processes and procedures, and with limited knowledge of proper substructure design to fully support porcelain overbuild.


We design and mill our own zirconia copings, frameworks, and full contour crowns and bridges to exacting specifications, and we can do the same for you!